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Manga: Lone Wolf

Manga Series :
Kozure Ōkami
Lone Wolf and Cub

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The Lone Wolf and Cub

The Story

Wrongfully accused of plotting to overthrow the Shogun, Itto Ogami (拝一刀) - master of the Suio Ryu - becomes an outlaw, wandering through the provinces of feudal Japan with his infant son Daigoro by his side, seeking vengeance for the murder of his wife and family.

Once Ogami had been the Shogun's official executioner, using his deft swordmanship to end the lifes of rebellious lords who defied the Shogun. His skills with the blade were legendary.

But the Yagyu clan, the deadly assassins empowered to enforce the Shogun's will, coveted Ogami's office of executioner as well. They framed him, killed his wife, and now they come to his home bearing an official order from the Shogun, demanding Ogami's death by ritual suicide.........

Written and designed by:

Kazuo Koike (小池一夫 Koike Kazuo, born May 8, 1936 in Daisen, Akita Prefecture -)

Goseki Kojima (小島剛夕 Kojima Gōseki, November 3, 1928 January 5, 2000)

 This series was published in the US by First Publishing, and started in 1987.

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Johan and Guido, for finding missing issues.
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